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In collaboration with Vahan Studio (Paris), Rodolphe Barsikian designs silk prints of his drawings, Les Captures. As the artist’s website presents, “Les Captures are successive incarnations of visions that are both poetic and vertiginous, reflecting the exploration of a constantly changing world.” It took several years to develop these patterns, unique creations and original drawings by the artist. Meant to be worn and to move with our bodies, Les Captures bring another dimension to the drawings, decorative and carnal at the same time.

The Captures are published on silk squares in limited series, numbered from 1 to 100.

UNIT PRICE Including VAT € 300

In this exchange with writer and art historian Paul Ardenne, Rodolphe Barsikian traces back his artistic itinerary since his beginnings.

Graphic artist, inventor of artistic forms, Rodolphe Barsikian is an artist of today: his favorite techniques are the computer, the computer mouse and graphic arts software.
Adept of vector drawing, a digital script based on the point, the line, and geometrical organization, his compositions cumulate “the clear line” of technical drawing and an abundant power of aesthetic invention. In abstract style, above all, as paintings or 3D modules, his creations are controlled, extremely chiseled but at the same time also eruptive, marked by an implicit fascination for disorder, disorganization, putting things back in play.

For Rodolphe Barsikian, to create implies going beyond the sole artistic effect and inscribe his life in lines, graphic trajectories that amplify an existential path in the material of visual signs. His compositions generate the strong and compulsive image of an existence in movement in which, to that end, drawing is the heartbeat, the seismograph: recording every pulsating moment, every vibration, every sensation.

Same size, same general effect, that of visual swirls in abstract style : the Vortex series offers a unity of style. Each Vortex, however, is different from its “other”, even if the general tone is convergent: everywhere chromatic circles, squares, checkerboards structure the space by giving it a geometrical seating, an anchoring, and an internal perspective. Each of the Vortex, in a literal way, but in its own way, “swirls” inside the square that is framework and spacial border, drawing up disparate visual signifiers. The dominant impression is of an order whose configuration, stable at first, would have become invariably undone, until cre-ating at times an effect of visual thrashing, of dissemination.

The Vortex are produced in a limited series of 7 copies and 3 artist's proofs.
Fine art printing 90 x 90 cm. American box framing. Black stained wood.
Final framed format: 93.5 x 93.5 cm

UNIT PRICE Including VAT: € 2,400

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